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Find information and pictures on Acne and other skin related conditions that are affecting people. Contributing factors to skin outbreaks could be Age, Allergies, Diet, Hormones and Stress. It might be one or a combination of these factors.

According to the NIH (National Institute of Health) they estimate 80 percent of people between 11 and 30 have had acne outbreaks. Acne usually effects young people especially teenagers going through puberty. But it also can affect adults well into their 30 and 40’s. It can be a serious problem but not life threatening, just terrible for your self-confidence.

There are many good solutions for Acne and other skin conditions that you can find in OTC (Over the Counter) and Organically based Products. It doesn't have to be one or the other. There is no cure all for Acne related issues, but it might be an assortment of products that work for you.


What You need to Know About Acne

The medical term for acne is acne vulgarisAcne is a skin disease categorized by plugged pores -- usually on the face, chest, back, or shoulders. Depending on the size of the plugged pores, the clogs may end up being either whiteheads or blackheads. If the clogs worsen, it's common for them to develop into full-blown pimples, nodules, pustules, papules, cysts, or deep lumps.


Acne Scars

As if acne weren't bad enough, a further insult to pimples and blackheads are the scars they leave behind. Yes, it can leave long term scars especially if you pop the pimple when it is red and swollen. Dealing with acne scarring can sometimes be just as difficult as dealing with acne, but the good news is there are multiple treatment options available.



Acne Treatments

How you go about treating acne will largely depend on what type of acne you have. Treating light, inflammatory acne, for example, may simply be a matter of spot treating or adding a new over-the-counter cream to your skin care regimen.



Blackheads are a form of acne. They are usually found on the face, chest, back, and arms. Like any type of acne, blackheads are the result of clogged pores. The reason that pores get clogged may vary -- sometimes, it's because of hormones...

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