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Using Food to Fight Acne

February 04, 2018

By R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen

Getting rid of acne isn't as easy as infomercials and product advertisements make it seem.  Acne isn't just a skin problem; it actually starts from within the body. Causes of acne range from hormonal issues to eating a diet that is high in fat and grease.   Changin…

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5 Skincare Products Not Worth Your Money

January 20, 2018

By Katharine B. Coggeshall

And now for the bad news; although these skincare lines are pricey and tout unblemished reputations, some of their products are simply not worth the investment. Either the product doesn't live up to its claims, causes unwanted side effects, or is only as effective as t…

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5 Top Skincare Products worth Your Money

December 29, 2017

By Katharine B. Coggeshall

We all aspire to have flawless, close up-worthy skin. Many are willing to pay top dollar for products that claim to make that possible, but which skincare products actually work and which is a waste of money? Here is your guide to five top skincare products that ar…

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