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Acne Scars

Learn How to Reduce Acne Scarring

As if acne weren't bad enough, a further insult to pimples and blackheads are the scars they leave behind. Dealing with acne scarring can sometimes be just as difficult as dealing with acne, but the good news is there are multiple treatment options available.

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What you Need to Know about Blackheads

By Acne Concern

Blackheads are a form of acne. They are usually found on the face, chest, back, and arms. Like any type of acne, blackheads are the result of clogged pores. The reason that pores get clogged may vary -- sometimes, it's because of hormo…

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About Acne

What You Need to Know about Acne

The medical term for acne is acne vulgarisAcne is a skin disease categorized by plugged pores -- usually on the face, chest, back, or shoulders.

Depending on the size of the plugged pores, the clogs may end up being either whiteheads or blackheads. If t…

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Treating Acne without a Prescription

By Kiera Maryott

While acne medications prescribed by your dermatologist are usually highly effective, they are also expensive and not always fully covered by medical insurance. If you are not able to treat your acne with prescriptions, it is still possible to achieve a blemish-free complexio…

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Using Food to Fight Acne

By R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen

Getting rid of acne isn't as easy as infomercials and product advertisements make it seem.  Acne isn't just a skin problem; it actually starts from within the body. Causes of acne range from hormonal issues to eating a diet that is high in fat and grease.   Changin…

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How to Heal Acne Scarring

By Bridget Webber

If your skin is scarred by acne, chances are that you are fed up and frustrated. No doubt, you will have struggled to get rid of acne in the first place, but instead of obtaining relief, you have discovered that your skin still reflects where acne once was and is darker in t…

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Milk and Acne: Does it Help or Hinder

By Dr. Kristie

Acne can cause a great deal of frustration and heartache for both teens and adults. It’s due to overproduction of sebum and poor skin sloughing, which blocks the pores. This overproduction of sebum is thought to be triggered by fluctuating levels of hormones, especially testost…

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Eleven Sources of Skin Irritation That Can Lead to Acne

By Dr. E. C. Gordon

Acne is an extremely common skin problem throughout teenage years and into adulthood, but there are a lot of unhelpful myths about what can make it worse. For example, diet actually has little to no influence on whether you develop zits.  However, skin irritation definitel…

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5 Natural Ways to Treat Cystic Acne

By Casey C.

Cystic acne is an embarrassing and often painful ordeal. Rather than just your run-of-the-mill zits that pop up from time to time and go away all on their own, zits from cystic acne are often quite severe. Cystic pimples are large, painful bumps that go deep under the skin. They o…

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How to Apply Prescription Acne Medication Properly

By Dr. Kristie

Are you frustrated by acne that just won’t seem to go away? Maybe you’ve seen your doctor who prescribed a few prescription medications to help heal the problem. Prescription acne cream can be extremely effective when used properly. Quite frequently different creams are combine…

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5 Holistic Ways to Deal With Hormonal Acne

By Eleanor Stephen

You've tried every product known to man and you're still battling your acne. If you are battling with hormonal acne, certain conventional products and treatments may not work for you--in fact, they often make it worse. If you've grown tired of these treatments, you may want…

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Will Popping a Pimple Make It Go Away Faster?

By Dr. Kristie

Uh-oh! You look in the mirror and there's a big, ugly pimple staring back at you. Yuck! Of course, you want it to go away fast, and you've heard a pimple heals up sooner if you pop it. Will popping a pimple really cause it to heal more quickly?

What Causes Pimples?


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How to Deal With Chest and Back Pimples

By Dr. Kristie

It's bad enough to have acne on your face, but chest and back pimples can be just as unsightly and annoying - especially in the summer when you wear a swimsuit. Instead of keeping your shirt on, try some of these ways to treat chest and back pimples.

Wear the right fabrics.

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New Acne Treatments on the Horizon

By Dr. Kristie

Acne can be a disfiguring disease – and a difficult one to treat. Not only are acne lesions embarrassing to teens, but repeated outbreaks can be associated with permanent scarring. Teens aren’t the only ones susceptible to this common skin disease – adults get a form of acne - …

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