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Silk'n Blue Acne Eliminator Device

Silk'n Blue Acne Eliminator Device


Silk'n Blue uses dermal heating and blue light to treat acne and prevent acne from developing. The blue light kills bacteria known to cause acne and dermal heating reduces oil production in skin glands. The dula treatment works together to be more effective than any other product. Clear skin is closer than you think.

  • Get clearer skin in just 3 to 7 weeks!
  • Starts neutralizing bacteria immediately!
  • Prevents future breakouts.
  • Safe and user friendly

Works on all acne types so adults and teenagers can enjoy the results. Simple, effective and designed with superior safety features that are easy to control.


Prevent future acne breakouts by combining LED Light with dermal heating. Attack acne at the source of the problem. This state-of-the-art technology to eliminate pimples and acne.


Wave goodbye to ointments and chemicals with the FDA-cleared Blue. Non-invasive treatments that still work deep beneath tissue to dry oil-producing glands using blue light energy.


How many times have you tried treating your acne with pads creams that sting because they contain harsh chemicals? Silk’n offers a chemical-free alternative acne treatment.

About the Products

All Products provided by Silk'n. They are internationally recognized for their quality and performance within the home hair removal & anti-wrinkle treatment markets. All products are FDA-approved, and proven to be painless and effective.

Shipping: USACanada, United Kingdom & Australia.

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