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Silk'n ReVit Microdermabrasion Device

Silk'n ReVit Microdermabrasion Device

At-home microdermabrasion with results that glow. The days of covering up blemishes, age spots, fine lines and acne scars are over. Uncover your skin’s true beauty with the Silk’n ReVit diamond microdermabrasion machine. 


  • Reduce the appearance of blemishes and imperfections.
  • Removes dead skin cells for radiant, younger-looking skin.
  • Improves skin tightness, texture and elasticity.
  • Blurs age spots, irregularities in the skin and acne scars.
  • Softens fine lines.

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The Silk’n ReVit is a revolutionary tool that combines gentle microdermabrasion exfoliation with vacuum stimulation.


Visible results in as little as one week. Notice refreshed & rejuvenated skin after just one treatment.


You’ll enjoy professional microdermabrasion results at a fraction of the cost — all in the privacy of your own home.

Note: Results vary based on skin type & texture.

About the Products

All Products provided by Silk'n. They are internationally recognized for their quality and performance within the home hair removal & anti-wrinkle treatment markets. All products are FDA-approved, and proven to be painless and effective.

Shipping: USACanada, United Kingdom & Australia.

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