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How to Treat an Oily Face that Shines

By Dr. Kristie

Do you have a perpetually shiny, oily face? There’s good news and bad news when it comes to oily skin. Because of its abundant oil supply, an oily face usually ages better, but in the short term, oily skin is more prone to breakouts, blemishes, and shine that can be difficult to control.

If you’re frustrated by the thin layer of oil and shine that covers your face, it may be time to re-evaluate how you’re caring for your skin. In most cases, an oily, shiny face can be controlled with the right skin care regimen and the help of a little makeup. Here are some tips on how to deal with this problem.

Are You Cleansing Your Skin Properly?

Many people with an oily face make the mistake of working too hard to remove every last bit of oil. Using a harsh detergent based cleanser and scrubbing too aggressively can scratch the skin and increase oil production due to overstimulation.

When all of the protective oils are removed, the sebaceous glands pump out more which leads to further breakouts and shine. The key is to use a gentle, oil-free soap or cleanser to cleanse along with plenty of warm water.

A good choice is Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. Resist the urge to be overly aggressive when you work with a shiny, oily face. It won’t help the problem and can actually cause harm.

After Cleansing an Oily Face

Once you’ve cleansed your skin with an oil-free formula, follow up with an astringent to reduce shine and seal the pores. Both Neutrogena and Clearasil make oil-free astringents that remove shine without being overly harsh. Astringent should be applied with a cotton pad using a gentle dabbing motion.

Avoid rubbing the skin as this can spread acne causing bacteria around the face. Using an astringent regularly can help to improve the appearance of a shiny, oily face. Do you need moisturizer? If so, it should be oil-free and applied only to the driest areas of the face. Never apply moisturizer to an area prone to breakouts or shine.

Other Ways to Treat a Shiny Face Due to Excess Oil

To freshen up a shiny, oily face during the day, carry along a pack of oil blotting papers to remove shine throughout the day. These can be found at most drugstores. If your face still looks shiny after using the blotting paper, apply a light layer of matte, oil-free pressed powder.

Other Tips

If you have an oily face that’s prone to acne, talk to your doctor about topical Retin-A. It will not only help to prevent breakouts, but decreases oil production as well in some people. Steam cleansing the skin and applying a clay based mask can also help to reduce excess oil and shine.

The Bottom Line?

An oily face presents challenges, but choosing the right products and practicing proper skin care techniques can make the problem much more manageable.



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